Our Story

Positively Made is a technology company with operations in Barbados, that designs, develops, and sells software applications and online services. Established in 2008 with a mission to promote innovation in the web and mobile applications development arena, throughout the Caribbean.

Over the years, we have created a proven delivery model for planning, building and launching scalable applications that win.

• Functionality
• Standards compliance
• Usability
• User experience
• Scalability

George Head of Business — George Belgrave-Herbert
George has always been curious about technology and how hardware works ever since disassembling his first watch as a young lad. In his capacity at Positively Made, George is tasked with the development and implementation of growth opportunities within and between organisations.

Philip Head of Technology — Philip Belgrave-Herbert
Philip has been an early adopter of new technologies since he reconstructed and brought life to a 133Mhz PC from unutilised computer parts in secondary school. He is responsible for the transformation of capital – be it monetary, intellectual, or political – into technology in the furtherance of company objectives.

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